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At NFL Draft Lab we are a film and analytics based Independent scouting company.  We strive to use the most current metrics, film study, live scouting, and player interviews to fully evaluate NFL Draft hopefuls.  With this composition of information we arrive at the most accurate rankings and possible destinations.  The grading scale we use is below so that you can best understand where we think a player will be drafted and what his likely NFL future holds.  If you have any questions, would like us to interview your client, or have any game tape to provide to us, please contact us at the address below.  We will have the appropriate person get back to you to make arrangements.

Score Ranking Explanations:

90 + Rare talent, once in a decade type of player (Adrian Peterson, Andrew Luck etc)
85-89 Elite talent, Multiple All-Pro selections players to build your franchise around
80-84 Pro Bowl player
75-79 NFL Starter
70-74 Quality NFL player or above average Backup
65-69 Backup Player or specific role player
60-64 Developmental player trying to make the final roster
50-59 Below average NFL player, struggling to stay on a team or practice squad

Round Projections
Round Number 1-7 or UDFA
Plus area of round
A = 1-8
B = 9-16
C = 17-24
D = 25-32
Example: A Projection of 4C means round 4 between picks 17-24
These projections take into account our overall score of them, plus factors like position value, team needs, off the field issues/character concerns.


Cody Tewmey, Lead Scout (email)
Contact Us: nfldraftlab@nfldraftlab.com